Gemperle Sara

Gemperle Sara

married, Rolf (husband), Eline (3years)
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IOF Score / IOF Ranking
4918 / 28

Rolf Gemperle

Success In Orienteering
WC 2002 19. Overall WC 2002 2. Relay Switzerland

Success elsewhere
My Family!!

OL WM 2003 Goals
technical good competitions, first 20 in longdistanc

Preferred Competition Terrain
typical swiss forests like Eschenberg

Preferred Competition Form
Sprint, Long

OL WM 2003 Preparation
a good wintertraining, lots of trainings in swiss forests

Catch Words Weather
the hot summer will go on!

Catch Words Stages
we can see different places in switzerland

Catch Words Competitions
there will be very good courses.

Catch Words Visited place
there is not enough place here....

Catch Words Famous Swiss Person
a lot sport-persons: André Bucher, Roger Federer, Simone Luder....!!

Catch Words 4 Finals In 4 Days
it is a hard programm to do

Compass Brand

Shoe Brand

Latest International Results

--- EOC
--- WRE
3. LO 15.2.2003 Cádiz (ESP) WC
30. SP 7.6.2002 Lausanne (SUI) 4. RE 5.10.2002 Brno (CZE) 35. SP 2.10.2002 Brno (CZE) 6. RE 26.9.2002 Sümeg (HUN) 13. SD 2.6.2002 Chiny/Arlon (BEL) 28. SD 5.7.2002 Idre (SWE) 51. SD 25.9.2002 Sümeg (HUN) 16. LO 7.7.2002 Idre (SWE) 12. SP 30.6.2002 Roros (NOR) 21. LO 1.7.2002 Roros (NOR) 18. SP 28.9.2002 Sümeg (HUN) PWT