Lauenstein Marc

Lauenstein Marc

Cormondrèche, Switzerland
CO Chenau / Vehkalahden Veikot

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IOF Score / IOF Ranking
4758 / 73

Chrigu Ae,Jan B., Stefan L.

Success In Orienteering
2002 European Championships, middle distance: 11th

Success In Sport
2000 Ski-O Junior World championships, relay 1st, classical distance 2nd

Success elsewhere
Most often every day turns out to be a great success. Well, I just passed my exams for my 2nd year in dentistry, oof, this is nice!!!

OL WM 2003 Goals
Doing an optimal race at the right moment.

Preferred Competition Terrain
Variation of typs is beautiflul

Preferred Competition Form
Again, variation brings fun.

OL WM 2003 Preparation
More running than ever during the winter, and unfortunately a bad injury at the knee in March, which did cost me 5 weeks of training. For the last touch, my mental preparation consisted in working hard for my exams in mid July.

Catch Words Weather
It can do what ever it wants, fine orienteering will remain fine orienteering and will never be easy. But it would definitely be pleasant to hang out at the Zürichsee beach after the classical distance with a wonderful view on the alps.

Catch Words Stages
Patly gorgeous, partly tricky, partly rough, all definitely exciting.

Catch Words Competitions
All tough!

Catch Words Visited place
I never went to Zermatt, shame on me!

Most Dangerous Competitor
Some ferocious persons

Catch Words 4 Finals In 4 Days
Congratulations to all those who can run them all in there best shape. To bad I'm not able...

Compass Brand

Shoe Brand
VJ Integrator

Latest International Results

--- EOC
--- WRE
--- WC
21. SP 28.9.2002 Sümeg (HUN) 6. RE 5.10.2002 Brno (CZE) 11. RE 26.9.2002 Sümeg (HUN) 11. SD 25.9.2002 Sümeg (HUN) PWT