OL WM 2003 - Internet LiveServices


What software do you need?

If you have a computer running the Microsoft Windows Operating System and if you are using Internet Explorer as your browser, the live stream should start immediately within the streaming window.

If you are behind a corporate firewall, please start your Windows Media Player from your Program Menu and go to View -> Options -> Advanced -> Choose "Streaming Media" -> Change -> deactivate Multicast, UDP and TCP Only HTTP should be active. Enter your proxy details now or choose "use browser proxy settings".

If you have a Macintosh Computer, UNIX or Linux Machine or you do not have the Windows Media Player Plugin, the streaming window will lead you to a MP3 Streaming Playlist which you can open the Playlist with Macast or XMMS or of course Winamp.

We have only MP3 now! Click on MP3 Stream in the right down corner of this LiveBrowser (next to the advertisments).